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Full-stack development, cloud infrastructure engineering, continuous integration and delivery

Our technology stack of choice

We rely on this stack and can train your team to do so as well

Tailwind Rails Docker PostgreSQL AWS Terraform

Case studies

Paas to IaaS migration
Ilek migrated from Heroku to AWS; lowering their bills and freeing their team's potential

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What We Offer

Our team of expert software engineers will work with you to design and build high-quality, scalable, and reliable software solutions tailored to your unique needs. We use cutting-edge technologies and agile development methodologies to deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Full-stack Development
We build high-quality, maintainable web applications using Ruby on Rails and modern front-end technologies.
Agile project management
We use agile methodologies to manage projects, ensuring that we stay on track and deliver high-quality software on budget.
Ruby on Rails development
We specialize in building web applications with Ruby on Rails, a powerful and flexible framework that enables rapid development and easy maintenance.
Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
We design, deploy, and manage scalable, reliable cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Pricing Plans

Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Fast Turnaround Help

Get quick and efficient assistance with your Ruby on Rails application or AWS infrastructure from our expert team. Perfect for small issues or short-term consulting.

200 € / hour

  • 1 hour video call
  • pair programming
  • money back guarantee

Typical use cases

  • RSpec quick training
  • sparring partner (CTO, VP, Tech Lead)
  • code review (Ruby, Python)
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5-Day Program

Get hands-on help with a Ruby on Rails app or set of services that require immediate attention. Our team will help you by jumping in.

3000 € / 5 days

  • 1 Ruby backend & cloud engineer
  • pair programming & TDD
  • work on a specific task
  • break the bottleneck

Typical use cases

  • code reviews
  • mentoring & pair programming
  • good practices training
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Custom Software Engineering

Need a more comprehensive solution for your project? Our team can work with you on a contract basis for up to 6 months, 4 days/week to deliver high-quality software engineering services.

from 600 € / day

  • 1 to 3 fullstack engineers
  • pair programming & TDD
  • level up your team
  • add an extra team to the company

Typical use cases

  • build or extend an MVP
  • add features to a product
  • build a cloud infrastructure
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Frequently asked questions

What programming languages do you work with?

Our team specializes in Ruby on Rails, but we also have experience with other languages and frameworks.

How do you ensure quality code?

We follow industry-standard best practices, including code reviews, automated testing, and continuous integration and delivery.

Can you work with our existing codebase?

Yes, we can work with your existing codebase and help you improve it.