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At Pier 22, efficiency and expertise are at the core of everything we do. We leverage our extensive experience to deliver high-value, bespoke solutions to our clients. Our case studies showcase the depth of our capabilities and the consistent excellence we bring to each projec

Case studies


Ruby Backend engineering

Data in FHIR

Move to 2023 tech — Semeia is a med-tech startup focused on helping hospitals provide great care to patients after major surgeries.

We worked with Semeia to help their existing Ruby team add key endpoints supporting the FHIR standard. The aim was to allow partners interact with their backend using the state of the art healthcare data standard.

While Thomas was not a FHIR specialist he quickly took hold the of technology and built endpoints in our Ruby on Rails backend while working with us to refine our plan and design choices. His integration of tests all through the development was greatly appreciated.
Philippe Bernery, Head of Engineering


Ruby Backend and infrastructure engineering

Startup fostering

From idea to first rides — Tribulive is a fest-tech startup focused on helping festival goers have a great time when going to or coming from their favorite festivals.

We worked with Tribulive to help their founders build their initial product prototype and host it.



Multi region cloud deployment

Ruby renewal and infrastructure move

Level up the team and the infrastructure — Ilek is a green energy provider and producer in need of a scale up team and infrastructure.

We worked with Ilek to help their existing Ruby team onboard Java developers and junior Ruby developers by providing embedded team leadership services on a day to day basis for more than a year. The aim was to bring everyone up to speed on Ruby, Ruby on Rails and good practices in those ecosystems. We also helped them build a realistic and fruitful incident management process. Finally, we helped them migrate from Heroku to AWS to host all their services in a scalable and secure manner.



Multi region cloud deployment

Scale to the World

Reach all clients — FinalCAD is a product helping construction companies track defects and get them solved quickly.

We worked with FinalCAD to plan, prepare and execute a multi region Cloud infrastructure for their product backend. Aimed at serving customers from datacenters in their own geographical region we helped the team understand the needs of such a move and built with them the different parts needed for it.

We deeply appreciated his ability to quickly embrace our business complexity and our technical problematics. He not only planned and helped us moving to a multi data center infrastructure on a mixed cloud providers architecture (Heroku/AWS), but he also participated to our Ruby on Rails, Python and Javascript developments in order to speed up our deployments plans.
Yves Le Douaron, Lead Developer

We approached Studio because we loved their past work. They delivered something remarkably similar in record time.

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