Case Study - Data in FHIR

Move to 2023 tech — Semeia is a med-tech startup focused on helping hospitals provide great care to patients after major surgeries.

Ruby Backend engineering


With multiple, dating, data exchange standards in use throughout the medical IT field Semeia decided to adopt the more recent FHIR standard as data exchange format for several use cases they have with their newer partners.

We provided ad-hoc software engineering services to develop the new endpoints and also helped Semeia's team understand the intricacies of the FHIR standard, especially when it comes to integrating it within an existing backend with its own architecture and challenges.

The project was also an opportunity to interact with this young, up and coming field of the Med Tech and the continuous monitoring of data for patients in need of regular checkups after surgeries.

What we did

  • Ruby
  • TDD (MiniTest)
  • FHIR
  • Software design and architecture

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