Case Study - Scale to the World

Reach all clients — FinalCAD is a product helping construction companies track defects and get them solved quickly.

Multi region cloud deployment


With GDPR coming up and several of their clients based in North America and Asia, FinalCAD had a need to improve both the speed of loading of the data in each different regions and help their clients match their own local regulations and preferences.

The solution implied a migration from a single cloud region hosting data to a split design across multiple cloud regions: North America, Europe and Asia. While the infrastructure part was a mix of AWS and Heroku the main challenge lied within the structure of the mobile applications used by the architects and operators on a day to day basis. Crafting a series of changes in those applications involved a lot of cross teams communication, planning and execution along six months.

What we did

  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • Ruby
  • Python
Cloud Regions
Cloud Providers

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